Who is Better Learning Systems?

Better Learning Systems is a company powered by a group of people dedicated to the common goal of creating the ultimate learning experience for you. We represent three globally trusted brands that have come together to offer customized learning experiences for each of you. View Board and Leadership Team

LearnKey, a provider of self-paced online and offline training, Predix, a company that identifies talents through behavioral awareness, and LearnCast, a mobile pushing platform joined forces to form Better Learning Systems in 2011.The collaboration of these three companies provides you with the unique opportunity to optimize your behavioral strengths, learn from premium courses that align to careers that leverage your talents, and receive those courses through robust online and mobile learning platforms.

Our core values - EASE, VALUE, and TRUST - are inherent in every aspect of our culture

Our Vision

Dreams fulfilled through better learning.

Creating a better learning experience for you starts by identifying your talents, with this knowledge we help you find the courses that align with your talents, then we use innovative technology to deliver these courses. Using this unique set of products allows us to create a better learning experience and allows you to fulfill your dreams by realizing your potential.

Our Mission

To foster our globally trusted brands which optimize talents, create exceptional content, and leverage robust technology to deliver a better learning experience.

Our mission unifies and guides us as we continually make strides to realize our goal of delivering a better learning experience to you. We are invariably looking to you for guidance on how we can improve your learning experience and the feedback that we get from you has proved to be invaluable to the continuous advancements our innovative and passionate team make every day to our inventory of products.